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What Are the Procedures to Utilize Market Profile for Forex Trading?

What Are the Procedures to Utilize Market Profile for Forex Trading?

Market Profile is a powerful tool for forex traders to analyze the market. It is an advanced technical analysis tool that provides traders with a visual representation of the markets and their movements. Market Profile charts are created by plotting the price of a currency pair against its volume over time. This allows traders to identify areas of support and resistance, as well as potential entry and exit points for trades. In this article, we will discuss how to use Market Profile for forex trading.

What is a Market Profile?

Market Profile is an advanced charting technique that was developed by Peter Steidlmayer in 1985. It uses price-volume data to create a visual representation of the market’s behavior over time. The chart consists of two axes: one representing price, and one representing volume (or number of trades). The vertical lines on the chart represent periods of time (usually 1 minute or 5 minutes). Each period has its bar which shows the high, low, open, and close prices as well as the total number of trades during that period.

How to Use Market Profile for Forex Trading?

1) Identify Support & Resistance Levels: By looking at a Market Profile chart, you can easily identify areas where there is strong buying or selling pressure in the market (support & resistance levels). These areas are often marked by clusters of bars with high volumes and wide ranges between their highs and lows. When these levels are identified, traders can use them to set entry/exit points for their trades.

2) Analyze Price Action: Another way to use Market Profile charts is to analyze price action within each period on the chart. For example, if you see that there was strong buying pressure during one period but then it suddenly reversed direction in another period, this could be an indication that something significant has happened in the market that could affect future prices (e.g., news announcement). By analyzing these patterns regularly, traders can gain insight into how prices may move in response to certain events or news releases.

3) Identify Trends: Lastly, Market Profiles can also be used to identify trends in the market over time. By looking at how prices have moved over multiple periods on a chart, you can get an idea of whether an overall uptrend or downtrend is developing in the market which could help inform your trading decisions going forward.


In conclusion, Market Profiles are powerful tools for forex traders who want to gain insight into how markets behave over time and identify potential entry/exit points for their trades based on support & resistance levels as well as other patterns such as trends or reversals due to news announcements or other events affecting prices in real-time. By utilizing these techniques properly, traders can increase their chances of success when trading currencies.