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Trader Wanted A Motorbike to Take His Kids to School | Dreamway

Adam Lienhard
Trader Wanted A Motorbike to Take His Kids to School | Dreamway

Welcome Headway Dreamway in 2024! The fifth round of Dreamway finished in December, and our team is ready to share the story of the new winner. The year has ended with Sopian, a loyal Headway trader from Sumedang, Indonesia. Learn more about the Sopian dream in today’s report.

How Sopian joined Dreamway

Like everyone else, Sopian followed the simple rules of Dreamway: He found out about the 5th round of the promotion on Headway’s Facebook page. The man has left a short comment and waited for the end of the month.

Sopian dreamed about a motorbike, “Hopefully this year I can buy a motorbike for my wife so she can take the children to school.”

To make this family happy, Headway chose the comment out of the hundred and went to Sumedang.

Sopian’s life: business and trading

Sopian is a young man living with his wife and three children. He has a private business: Every day he wakes up, takes his old motorbike, and rides around the city selling chicken porridge. 

Trading is what he does after work. Sopian is a Headway’s trader. He uses his mobile phone to open and close deals with the broker.

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To help Sopian’s wife take their kids to school, Headway gifts the couple a brand-new Honda New Beat CBS motorbike. Now the kids will have easier and quicker trips to and back from school with their mother.

Watch the full video

Sopian’s story is worth your time. Watch the full report on Sopian’s Dreamway experience on our YouTube channel. 

Dreamway doesn’t stop here. So do your dreams! Join the round of Dreamway by Headway on Facebook.