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This Family Is Happy to Receive a Female Buffalo | Dreamway

Adam Lienhard

Dreams drive us to trade. In September, we had the second round of the Dreamway promo. We are proud to announce our next winner: Dadang Suhaedi from Cilegon, Indonesia. We congratulate the winner and share his story with you.

How Dadang joined Dreamway

Mr. Suhaedi has been a Headway client for four months. In September, he left a comment on our Facebook page telling his story:

“My name is Dadang Suhadi. I come from Indonesia, Cilegon. I am the third of four children. Here, I try to write a wish to have a buffalo. This is all I dream about because I want to realize the dream of my parents. <…> Because of my circumstances, I haven’t been able to give gifts to my parents. I am sure that with Dreamway, I can realize the dreams that I have been hoping for.”

We know how important farming is in Dadang’s hometown. To help him and his family make a better living, we have chosen Dadang’s comment to realize that month.

Turning his dreams into reality

Our Dreamway winner, Dadang, is a 37-year-old man from the Kebanjiran village. He and his father, Pak Madarip, are construction workers. Their income is limited, but still, they work hard to provide for the big family of four siblings. 

The father has been dreaming about a female buffalo for their household farm. Dadang has successfully attempted to fulfill his parents’ dream with the help of Dreamway. 

The Headway team visited Cilegon and delivered the female buffalo to the family. 

What was the reaction?

The winner’s family was deeply touched by the present. Now, they can provide for themselves and start farming buffalos in their area.

Watch the full video about our second winner on YouTube to share this moment.

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