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Headway Trader Gets the Motorcycle of His Dreams | Dreamway

Adam Lienhard
Headway Trader Gets the Motorcycle of His Dreams | Dreamway

Headway is always on the lookout for new dreamers. This February marked the seventh round of Dreamway, and the Headway team is ready to tell the story of our new winner. Meet Sutiswo from Indonesia and learn about how he realized one of his dearest wishes.

How Sutiswo joined Dreamway

Sutiswo has been a Headway trader for five months. Just like winners before him, Sutiswo followed the simple rules of the promo and left a comment under our Facebook post dedicated to Dreamway February. He explained what his dream was and why he wanted to realize it:

“I want this 3-wheeled motorcycle as a means to run my business, which is a mobile lamp service business.”

The Headway team was touched by Sutiswo’s dedication to his craft, so we decided to make his wish come true.

Sutiswo’s journey

Sutiswo lives with his parents in Central Java, Indonesia. He is a lighting technician, and he runs his own business. In his free time, Sutiswo uses the Headway app to trade and make some extra money.

Our Dreamway winner has always dreamed of owning a motorcycle. Unfortunately, he has been suffering from leg and back pain since he was 14, so walking is hard for him. With his new motorcycle, Sutiswo will have an easier time reaching his clients and providing his services to his community.

Watch the full video

Learn the full story of Sutiswo and his family in our video. Watch the full Dreamway February episode on our YouTube channel.

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