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Copytrade Is Now on Headway

Adam Lienhard
Copytrade Is Now on Headway

Get ready for Copytrade, a highly-requested feature that you all have been waiting for. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can now set up a brand-new source of passive income and make even more money from trading with Headway.

What is Copytrade and why does it matter?

Copytrading is a form of social trading that allows amateur investors to copy the trading strategies of more seasoned traders. This feature helps inexperienced traders profit from using the power of the trading community.

Headway offers a lot of benefits to investors who decide to join Copytrade:

It’s profitable

Study our detailed performance statistics and choose the most profitable strategies to copy. Start copying with only $1 and make your money work for you.

It’s simple

With just a few clicks, create a new account tailored to a specific strategy or use an existing one. Change your copying settings whenever you feel like it.

It’s convenient

You have full control over your copy trades. Go to your MT4 or MT5 account and manage them however you want. Follow your favorite strategy with multiple different accounts.

Copytrade for investors: Transparency and flexibility

Copytrade investors have a unique opportunity to learn from more knowledgeable traders and earn money.

Here’s how you can start copytrading with Headway:

  1. Open a new account or use an existing one. You can choose any account settings you want.
  2. Check your account balance. Make sure you have enough funds to pay a commission for copying someone else’s strategy.
  3. Choose strategies to follow. Look for copytrading strategies on your own or use our AI to find the ones that suit you the most.
  4. Customize your copying settings. Adjust your copy ratio, leverage, Stop-Loss levels, etc. in accordance with your personal goals.
  5. Profit. Your account will automatically copy trades made by the strategy owner. You’ll be able to see the full record of all transactions carried out in your Copytrade account.

You choose how your copying goes. Whether you want to control the process or take a more laid-back approach, Headway Copytrade is ready to cater to your needs. Try investing in your first strategy and see all the benefits for yourself.

Copytrade for strategy owners: Maximizing your profit

Headway offers many advantages to traders who want to publish their strategy of Copytrade:

  • Set your profit: Choose a commission for your investors. Traders can set unlimited commissions for their strategies and change them at any time.
  • Customize your strategy: Select any settings you want. Adjust the size of your leverage, account type, traded instruments, and other customizable options to create an ideal strategy.
  • Get exposure: The best strategies will be promoted via our AI-powered strategy leaderboard.
  • Attract more investors: Even non-registered users can browse your strategy and join you after registration.

With Copytrade, you can become a true thought leader in trading. Share your strategy with others and earn commissions from their success.

Start copytrading now!

Learn more about copytrading in our detailed overview. Join Headway Copytrade and earn even more profits. Start now!

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Care in the live chat on the website or at [email protected].

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