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Brazilian Real Wallets Are Now Available

Adam Lienhard
Brazilian Real Wallets Are Now Available

Money operations get even more convenient on Headway. To help our Brazilian clients, we introduce an update to our local wallets. Now you can deposit and withdraw funds from your wallet in Brazilian Real (BRL).

Why use a wallet?

With a Headway wallet, you can improve your trading experience greatly:

  • You manage your funds in local currency, i.e. make deposits and withdrawals.
  • You protect your funds from market exposure. You trade only in your trading accounts – while the rest of your funds are secured in your Headway wallets.
  • You are always aware of how much you earn in your home currency. Your trading progress is more transparent for you.

Use wallets on Headway!

Open a Headway wallet in Brazilian Real now. Sign in →

Should you have any questions, contact our Customer Care team via [email protected] or in the live chat on the website.

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